About TAS

The mascot of TAS is ˇ§Xiao Qiangˇ¨, aka cockroach. The slogan of TAS is ˇ§Kirigami, kirigami, tashi tashi tashi,ˇ¨deriving from the homophone of TAS as ˇ§ta shiˇ¨ in Taiwanese (literally tread to death). Xiao Qiang represents the status quo of adolescentand sexuality issues in Taiwan: marginalized minority, unseen and bearing contempt in the society, but Xiao Qiang always has inexhaustible energy. Fighting against challenges in one era after another, the only goal of Xiao Qiang is to live. The colorful icon also represents the multicultural façade of the society.





  1. Promote the establishment and development of student associations and adolescent groups that have special attention to issues of sexuality.
  2. Promote conversations and cooperation among NPOs which care about adolescence and issues of sexuality.
  3. Promote adolescentsˇ¦right of welfare and diverse gender perspectives.
  4. Advocate gender equality education, enrich citizensˇ¦ understanding of genderand sexuality.
  5. Promote cultural, educational, and other academic research on adolescence, gender, and sexuality.
  6. Promote civic engagement in issues of adolescence and gender minority.
  7. Fundraise for issues of adolescence, gender, and sexuality.
  8. Provide consultation on issues of adolescence, gender, and sexuality.
  9. Conduct surveys on issues of adolescent, gender, and sexuality.
  10. Host conferences, lectures, camps, and workshops on issues of genderand sexuality.
  11.  Manage other issues concerning adolescence, gender, and sexuality.


Future Vision

First, young people continue to promote equal rights, gender equality social movement.

Second, the continued support adolescent sexual / other community development.

Third, for young people to raise funds together with the gender community.

Fourth, to provide young people with gender research Academic Awards.

Fifth, to promote youth cultural activities performances of gender.

Six youth sex education, placement agencies counseling.

VII, organized youth, gender, support groups gatherings.

Eight, the development of youth gender online learning platform.


Contact Information

E-mail: tasbravo@gmail.com

Office Number @ KH, Taiwan: 886-7-7198500

Office FAX: 886-7-3383336

About us


 Taiwan Adolescent Association On Sexualities (TAS), also dubbed as ˇ§Bravo!ˇ¨, was founded in October, 2005. TAS is a non-profit organization that aims to promote communications on  issues of adolescent, gender, and sexuality in cultural, academic, and educational fields. Respect and multiculturalism are the core beliefs of TAS, and TAS works toward building a better life for individuals and a better society for the public.